Jackie's Seafood Market

$0.99 per pound per item to deep fried 


Other Seafood

******* Prices May Change 



Claw Meat: $7.99 each

Conch: $13.99 per pound   (Fried or Boil)

Dungees Crab Leg: $13.99 per pound    (Only Boil) 

Imitation Crab Meat: $7.99 per bag 

King CrabMeat Flavored: $7.99 per bag 

King Crab Leg: $15.99 per pound   (Only Boil) 

Mussel: $7.49 a box    (Only Boil) 

Oyster: $15.99 for a jar   (Fried or Boil)

Scallop: $12.99 (Bay) / $15.99 (Sea) per pound   (Fried or Boil)

Snow Crab Leg: $10.99 per pound   (Only Boil) 

Squid: $9.99 per pound     (Fried or Boil)                                               




Octopus: $4.99 per pound

Squid: $7.99 per box

Mussel: $9.99 per box 



(NEW) Local Fresh Shrimp

Jumbo: $11.99/ Pound

Side Order

Frech Fries: $1.95/ Order

Hush Puppies: $1.99/ 10 Pieces

Extra Sauce: $.25/ Each

       Tatar, Cocktail, Mustard, Hot Sauce

White Bread: $.25/ 2 Slices

Fountain or Bottle Drink: $1.65

Low Country Boiled

$7.99 / order 

inclued: potatoes, 2 corns, medium shrimps, pork sausages

Party Pack Available

Live Blue Crabs

Male and Femal Crab (Prices Are Vary)

        Availble by Large, Medium, and Small